Friday, March 9, 2012

Pass It On: More Than a Movie... It

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Pass It On: More Than a Movie... It's a Movement!
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Genre: Self Improvement

Since the ~ing of man it has been the inbred desire and responsibility to pass evolved erudition from one genteration to the nearest. The success, setbacks, and triumphs by all preceding societies have been in point proportion to how well they applied this profundity. From the earliest cave drawings to Egyptian hieroglyphics, from recondite scrolls and leather bound books to Micro chips..... Never has a genteration passed at which place leaders of the era did not expose out on the quest to drill their students of tomorrow. From congressmen to athletes, from motivators to movie stars.... Each has followed a peculiar roadmap to become the top in their surface, and now, they wish to distribute their strategies with you- so that you overmuch can learn it, live it, and ~ away it on.

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